I recently found myself in need of legal representation as a college student pursuing a post-grad career. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to secure the services of Mr. Jasper, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for his expertise and guidance throughout the legal process. From the very first consultation, it was evident that Mr. Jasper possessed a deep understanding of the legal system and a remarkable ability to articulate complex legal concepts in a way that was accessible to me. As a college student with limited legal knowledge, I needed someone who could help me comprehend the intricacies of my case and the potential consequences I faced. I always felt that my best interests were at the forefront of his efforts, and he made it clear that he was fully committed to achieving a favorable outcome for me. Furthermore, throughout the duration of my case, Mr. Jasper maintained open lines of communication. He promptly responded to my questions, concerns, and anxieties, easing my worries and providing reassurance when needed. I wholeheartedly recommend Jasper Brock to anyone seeking legal assistance, especially college students who require careful guidance through the court process. His legal expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to his clients are truly commendable. Thanks to his exceptional services, I can confidently say that I emerged from this experience with the best outcome possible.

Tyrone Riley

I cannot sing enough praises for Mr. Jasper Brock and his Jasper Brock Law Firm. A dear friend needed an attorney and Jase was the first person thought of to handle his case. I say this with great confidence as my husband is also an attorney, but practices another type of law. When conferring with my husband, it was agreed Jasper Brock Law Firm was the only choice that could ? handle our friends case with guaranteed success, which it was. Jase is to be commended for his knowledge of the laws of our parish and state, his perfect professionalism, and especially his passion and fairness to all. His fees are extremely competitive and well worth it to get the successful outcome you are hoping for. When other attorneys say Jasper Brock is your guy, then you know he's the one for you. Thank you again Jase for representing my friend and going an outstanding job!!

Kathy Farber

I highly recommend Mr.Brock to anyone . If you are looking for someone who truly cares and will fight for you . There is no gaslighting with him , he is up front and honest about everything. He is very attentive and amazingly thorough in everything he does and if there is anything you don't understand he will take the time to explain . He is my go-to for anything legal because I know I can count on the validity of what he says .

Christopher Fancher

Mr. Brock was unable to take my case however he was friendly, honest, and respectful . I only wish I could have found him sooner.

Sonja Cuti

Unfortunately I found myself in need of Mr. Brock's services earlier this year for a marijuana PWITD and was facing a possible enhancement, due to my prior criminal history. From the very first time that I met Jasper I knew he would be the man I needed in my corner. Very humble, friendly, super knowledgeable and he's honest and transparent about the things you don't want to hear also. Pricing was generous and fair and his punctuality is out of this world. I've never had this type of VIP treatment from legal counsel in my life. Call his cell phone and it either rings twice before he will directly answer or you will receive a call back asap. He even answers while sun bathing in Pensacola! Highly recommend Jasper brock for any of your legal counsel needs!

Gavin Geee

Mr Brock is a great lawyer. He got me probation for a charge that I caught again and previously did time for in the past. (Same crime 2nd time) He answered from the wall phone and stayed in touch with my family. I hope I don't need him again but I'd definitely use him if needed. He also charged 3500 when everyone else was 10-15000 and they didn't seem to have much confidence. Shout out to mr Brock

Jerome granger

Jasper is hands down the best attorney in Livingston parish. He was assigned to me as my conflict lawyer on 2 pretty big cases and got the best possible outcomes both times. He is honest, patient, kind, knowledgeable of the law and the way it works in Livingston parish and
isn't afraid to stand up against the system and defend your rights or wrongs. He is a great attorney and a great human being so if you need an attorney give Jasper Brock a call. You probably won't even have to leave a message because he always answer the call

Jan Fore

Jace has helped me through problems more than a couple times and the results have always turned out better than expected. Once or twice with his help I have gotten totally out of a jam.

Michael Nethery

Hopefully I will never need a criminal attorney again, but if I do, it will be Jasper Brock that I turn to. Every single question I had was answered and Every email was responded to, in a very quick manner. Everything he told me that was gonna happen with my case, happened exactly like he said it would. I noticed that he seemed to be well liked and respected among his professional peers in the court room. That speaks volumes because that's important in regards to how a judge or DA responds through negotiations. Im extremely happy that Mr. Brock was on my side throughout my entire ordeal

Theresa Trabeaux-Carroll

I never thought that me or my family would ever need a criminal lawyer, but one day we did. It was terrifying not knowing who to call or even if we would get a lawyer who was any good and who would care enough to actually help with our situation. But luckily for us, God answered our prayers and we found Mr. Jasper Brock. He stayed open late, so that we could go talk to him and he got started right away working on our case. I knew within minutes of talking with him that he was the right man to help us. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for my family. It was truly like having a family member for your lawyer. If you ever need not only a good lawyer but a good person in your corner defending you, I would highly recommend calling Mr. Jasper. You will not be disappointed. My family and I thank you Mr. Jasper.

Keith Cormier

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Hands down the best attorney around! Mr. Brock did exactly what he said he would do and was very reasonable with fees. I recommend him to anyone in need of a great attorney.

Jermoy D.

Mr. Jasper Brock represented my husband in a felony case and took on my misdemeanor case as well. He was very proficient in his work and because we were out of town he made sure that this case was handled where it did not put a lot of burden on us traveling back and forth. My husband and I still have clean backgrounds thanks to him and his efforts in getting the charges dismissed. This happened in 2016 and as I sat here and read the letter that he mailed along with our motion to dismiss paperwork he only asked for one thing and that was to review him on Yelp. Better late than never. He is a very professional attorney and was upfront with us about everything even the cost. I live in Houston, Tx and I feel that he went above and beyond for us. Choosing Mr. Jasper Brock as an attorney to represent you would be the best decision that you ever made. He will not disappoint you. Thanks again Mr. Brock.

Mrs. L B.

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By far the most considerate
Mr. Brock went above and beyond to help me with my case and pushed until everything was taken care of. Jasper continued to keep spirits high, all while keeping the situation clear along with keeping me involved in the situation. highly recommend Mr. Brock.


Terrific lawyer puts his clients best interest at heart
From personal experience ,you won't find a more educated ,caring,attorney around . He puts his clients best interest above all , he will put up a fight for you and to him it's not about the money you have it's about doing right for his client if you need an honest ,fair,attorney I highly recommend this be your man you won't be disappointed


Fantastic Attorney
Mr. Brock is the best! His fees are very reasonable. He listened to my issues and took positive steps to resolve them. Mr. Brock is very accessible, and he will return phone calls as soon as he can, if he cannot take a call when he is in court or busy. I highly recommend him!


I was indeed very pleased with Mr. Jasper Brock. He was always available, gave me great details and information on what I needed to present to him, Very informative on all updates and very responsive to emails, texts and calls. I felt very confident that he was truly their to represent me and help me. His work and knowledge of Law led to a lesser charge and lesser fines. He did amazing work getting my charges reduced. I think he is an excellent Attorney and I would recommended him to anyone in need of a Lawyer that will go the extra mile to win your case and is exceptional in his knowledge of his practice, then I would strongly suggest calling him


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Mr. Brock is a great lawyer I wouldn't use any one else. He answered from the wall phone. Stayed in touch with my family. I caught the same charge I was convicted off and served time on and he got me probation. A few months later probation terminated satisfactory. I hope I don't need him again but he would definitely be the first I called if I was to get in trouble again. Prices are also the cheapest around

Jerome Granger

Mr. Brock is a great attorney. I caught a charge was convicted and caught the same charge again. Mr. Brock got me probation a few months later probation was terminated early satisfactory. A1 lawyer wouldn't use any other attorney to gamble with my freedom. Shout out to mr Brock for being there even when I called from the wall phone

Jerome Granger

Not knowing too much about lawyers and the court system I was highly referred to BROCK Law Firm in Livingston, LA. Mr Brock put me at ease immediately and directed all my court situations as they came up. If looking for a great lawyer may I recommend BROCK.

William Sean Aplin

He walked us step by step with my juvenile son's charges. he showed compassion the entire way through. He answered all questions we had no matter the time!!! I highly recommend his services


Great experience. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Bryon C

He will go above, and beyond to for his clients. One of the best attorneys in Town!

Michael Plauche

Very professional.very best attorney and know the law very well.the best lawyer t and he will defend his clients well.o

Selina Morris

Always professional.very smary and knows the law very well .best attorney. He is the best attorney and knows his skill

Selina Morris

Best lawyer I know..always answers his.calls You can tell he takes his job serious..Would use anyone else

Tina Donahue

Jasper Brock has been my attorney for over 10 years an he has done a great job with all my cases. I would not think of anyone no better than Jasper Brock he has been a great lawyer to have he is with you with courtesy from start to end an hourhe has been there for me and my family not only as a lawyer but as a great friend. I will always depend on him and his lawyer firm an never would doubt his ability to protect me and my family. In my opinion is very understanding and professional. I know as long as I have him to represent me that he will give me 100% at anytime I need his number reprenstation. Great Attorney in my opinion one the best.

Richard King

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